Bringing the browser developer tools to Visual Studio Code

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New headless and full-browser modes

The new Microsoft Edge Tools extension comes with a number of changes to simplify your workflow and integrate more tools.

With this version, we changed the way you can launch an instance of Microsoft Edge to debug. You can choose from connecting to an existing browser instance, start a new one, or use a “headless” browser. The “headless” option is a less intrusive way to launch the browser. You don’t get an own browser window and no extra icon in your task bar. This also solved a long-standing problem with Mac users as the extension reported browser windows not in the foreground as inactive.  You can choose in the extension settings if you want new browser instances to be headless or not.

VSCode extension options with the "Headless" option checked

You can see the difference in the following screencasts. In normal mode you get a full browser window you can interact with. You can also see a preview of it in the extension.

Using the extension in full browser mode
Using the extension in full browser mode

In headless mode, the browser doesn’t pop in a separate window:

Extension using a browser in headless mode
Using the extension in headless mode

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