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Breaking changes for Microsoft Teams beta APIs – permissions for installing personal apps, removing unused properties from code snippets

{     “@odata.context”: “$metadata#teams(‘bdb7bcda-9c3b-4341-b9a9-f52bf9a23407’)/channels(‘’)/messages/$entity”,     “id”: “1584126765017”,     “replyToId”: null,     “etag”: “1584126765017”,     “messageType”: “message”,     “createdDateTime”: “2020-03-13T19:12:45.017Z”,     “lastModifiedDateTime”: null,     “deletedDateTime”: null,     “subject”: null,     “summary”: null,     “importance”: “normal”,     “locale”: “en-us”,     “webUrl”: “”,     “policyViolation”: null,     “from”: {         “application”: null,         “device”: null,         “conversation”: null,         “user”: {             “id”: “…”,             “displayName”: “…”,             “userIdentityType”: “aadUser”         }     },     “body”: {…

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