Minecraft Dungeons Co-op Co-ord Builds

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TRY: Taking control of the battlefield with special abilities and ranged attacks! 

The Fangs of Frost slash at your enemies while slowing them to a crawl, making easy targets for your teammate to take foes down with the Green Menace trickbow. Even though you’ll be far apart on the battlefield, they say that distance makes the heart grow fonder. I wonder who came up with that saying. Someone who preferred ranged weapons, probably. 

Of course, you should always consider your artifacts when constructing any combat build! Give your ranged fighter a bit more bang for your buck by equipping a Flaming Quiver, or boost your rogue’s speed with Boots of Swiftness. Personalize your build in countless ways to create the playstyle that’s best for you. 

CO-OP TIP: Some ranged weapons have additional abilities to boost your melee-based teammates, such as the Love Spell Bow, which can heal nearby allies. 

IF YOU LIKE… planning the group outings (and maybe the outfits too)

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