New Controls to Surface the Conversations that Matter to You

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Once you hit “Post”, you can always change who can comment after the fact. And, if you see a comment that isn’t constructive or that you simply don’t want on your post, you can delete it. Learn more here

Surface the Conversations That Matter to You

Your feed should be conversations and news relevant to you based on the people you are connected with, the people and organizations you follow, and the topics you’ve shown interest in. But sometimes, you might see something that isn’t relevant or that you don’t want in your feed. 

To curate your feed beyond engaging with content, you can also signal to us what you want to see more and less of by clicking the three dots (…) on a post. This will open a toolbox of options available, including saving the post to review later, hiding the specific post from your feed by clicking “I don’t want to see this,” and reporting the post. A new option we just rolled out in this section lets you mute an individual or Page who might show up on your feed because a connection of yours commented, reacted, or reshared that individual’s content. 

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