Office Add-ins community call–September 9, 2020

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September’s call, hosted by Alex Jerabek, featured the following presenters and topics:

  • Lillian Liu and Amit Mohindra presented how to do two-way messaging with dialogs in addition to some new PowerPoint APIs and the PowerPoint API roadmap.
  • Nick Gladkov, Vit Holy, and Volodymyr Onyshchuk shared Infor dEPM’s Office add-in features and their experience building on the Office add-in platform.

Watch the call here.

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Are there any plans for a PowerPoint API call to save a presentation?

Since we are focusing on PowerPoint Online right now, the save operations are done automatically. So not in the near future.

Can I use a WebView2 control in a PowerPoint task pane add-in?

Per the last community call, we are targeting Webview2 this fall (based on quality).  It is currently on insiders and would be available across Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. You can find more details here.

I noticed you are using an undo function. In Excel it is not possible to use the undo action when there is a write operation done using the office.js API. Is there some chance that it would get into Excel as well?

Undo support is on the backlog, but no ETA yet when we’ll be able to get started on this effort. It would be great to consider partner scenarios when we get to planning. It will be a very large effort, so we’re focusing engineering on other places where we can move the platform.

Are the PowerPoint APIs only available as an online beta?

Currently, the PowerPoint APIs are in private preview, but moving to public preview soon. Once the APIs have been in preview long enough and get some public usage, we’ll move them into GA (general availability).

Are there any plans to roll out custom functions to iPads.

Yes, richer mobile support is in our plans (delivering the great capabilities such as shared runtime, add-in commands, centralized deployment, and custom functions). Right now, we don’t have an ETA, as we’ve been first focused on unblocking partner scenarios first on Mac, Web, and Windows. When we start investing back into iPad, we want to do so in a holistic way to deliver the same experience we have on the other platforms.


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