SharePoint Framework Community Call Recording – 14th of January, 2021

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SharePoint Framework Special Interest Group (SIG) bi-weekly community call recording from January 14th is now available from the Microsoft 365 Community YouTube channel at You can use SharePoint Framework for building solutions for Microsoft Teams and for SharePoint Online.

Call summary:

The latest project releases include PnPjs v2.1.0 – to be released on January 15th – a pivotal release.    CLI for Microsoft 365 v3.5, React Controls 2.4.0 and React Property Controls 2.3.0 were released.  Also, PnP SPFx Generator v1.16.0. (now supporting Angular 11) and PnP Modern Search v3.17.0 and v4.0 are out.  On the SPFx Samples front, 2 extensions and 2 web part samples were released in the last month.  The latest feature set for SPFx v1.12 is reviewed along with Q1 release timing.   The first Ask Me Anything (AMA) session was delivered on January 12th and will take place monthly immediately after the monthly SharePoint Community call.  The topic focus for the next AMA call on February 9th is PnPjs.   The host of this call is Patrick Rodgers (Microsoft) @mediocrebowler.  Q&A takes place in chat throughout the call.

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  • Register for Sharing is Caring Events
    • First Time Contributor Session – January 19th 26th (EMEA, APAC & US friendly times available)
    • Community Docs Session – January 18th
    • PnP – SPFx Developer Workstation Setup – January 20th
    • PnP SPFx Samples – Solving SPFx version differences using Node Version Manager – January 25th
    • PnP – AMA (Ask Me Anything) – PnPjs Edition – February 9th
  • Download the recurrent invite for this call –


  1. Developing SPFx web parts for different section designs using CSS – see how to make changes to the styling of a web part by creating variants on office UI fabric – site theming within a web part.  Add a theme variant object to an SPFx web part.  Redefine the CSS variables within the web part’s event handler.  The theme variants are then available and called as CSS variables.
  2. Building SharePoint Migration Dashboard with SharePoint Framework – migrating from SharePoint on-prem to SPO?  Then you need this self-service migration dashboard.  Users can track migration details; the project team can run a script to import data from the open-source SharePoint Migration Assessment Tool (SMAT) that renders the data in a more readable format.  Simple to deploy – automated.   The dashboard is 1 SPFx web part built using Yeoman, React, Fluent UI, PnPjs.
  3. Getting started on using SharePoint Framework samples – PnP Samples are a means to kick start your development efforts.  The PnP Samples inventory includes nearly 450 validated samples contributed by 250 community members.  Tour the PnP Samples browser and learn about sort classifications including sort by compatibility.   See how the presenters find 2 web parts, evaluate compatibility for the target dev environment and learn tricks to avoid compatibility issues.

SPFx extension samples:  ( extensions)

SPFx web part samples:  (

As you are aware, samples are often showcased in Demos.  Thank you for your great work.

Agenda items:

Demos :


  • Developing SPFx web parts for different section designs using CSS – Stefan Bauer (N8D) | @StfBauer – 17:01
  • Building SharePoint Migration Dashboard with SharePoint Framework – Denis Molodtsov (CleverPoint) | @Zerg00s – 36:22
  • Getting started on using SharePoint Framework samples – David Warner (Catapult Systems) | @DavidWarnerII & Hugo Bernier (Tahoe Ninjas) | @bernierh – 44:27


Additional resources around the covered topics and links from the slides.

Other mentioned topics

Upcoming calls:

  • M365 General Dev call: January 21st at 07:00am PDT
  • SharePoint Framework call: January 28th at 07:00am PDT
  • SharePoint monthly call: February 9th at 08:00am PDT

PnP SharePoint Framework Special Interest Group bi-weekly calls are targeted at anyone who is interested in the JavaScript-based development towards Microsoft Teams, SharePoint Online, and also on-premises. SIG calls are used for the following objectives.

  • SharePoint Framework engineering update from Microsoft
  • Talk about PnP JavaScript Core libraries
  • Office 365 CLI Updates
  • SPFx reusable controls
  • PnP SPFx Yeoman generator
  • Share code samples and best practices
  • Possible engineering asks for the field – input, feedback, and suggestions
  • Cover any open questions on the client-side development
  • Demonstrate SharePoint Framework in practice in Microsoft Teams or SharePoint context

You can download recurrent invite from Welcome and join the discussion!

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Microsoft 365 Patterns and Practices team – 15th of January, 2021

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